We believe that it is vital to include climate change in the university anthropology syllabus.

To assist university lecturers developing course materials we have collated examples of best practice syllabuses here. If you have a syllabus to include please send it to mailto:gaellah@therai.org.uk

You may also find the Resources section helpful as it contains a Key readings list, visuals for representing climate change, films, podcasts and links.


Culture and Climate Change ANTH 483 syllabus, McGill University, convener Dr. Peter Rudiak-Gould, 2012-2013

The Archaeology and Anthropology of Climate Change, UCL, convener Prof. Arlene M. Rosen , 2010-2011.

Anthropology and the Politics of Climate Change UNC Charlotte, convener Nicole Peterson, 2010.

Additional resources

Bradley Walters on teaching Environmental Activism.