The Royal Anthropological Institute is the world’s oldest learned society dedicated to the furtherance of anthropology in its broadest and more inclusive sense. With over 3000 Fellows, it has a particular commitment to promoting the public understanding of anthropology, and the contribution of anthropology to public affairs. The RAI has an Environment and Anthropology Committee chaired by Professor Paul Sillitoe. We believe it is crucial that the unique knowledge generated by anthropological research is heard by policy makers involved in decisions that affect climate change.

This hub has been created to further this aim. The FAQs section addresses questions anthropologists may have about climate change, including why all anthropologists, not just those specifically studying the subject, have a contribute to make to the debates. Under the Resources section anthropologists can find key readings, podcasts, film, grey literature and website focusing on anthropology and climate change. The Teaching section provides assistance for those teaching anthropology and climate change, including example syllabi.

Probably the most crucial information can be found under Impact which offers advice on getting anthropological knowledge heard by policy makers, how to write for the press, and ways of partnering with NGOs.

In 2015 The American Anthropological Association produced a strong and clear statement about anthropology and climate change. The RAI is in support of this statement.  More information and a brochure is available here.